Dec 2019

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Life & health

The evolution of healthier lives in Asia

AIA group chief executive Ng Keng Hooi’s provides some considered insights.

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Life & health – South Asia Focus

Bringing health insurance to Bangladesh

As Bangladesh grapples with low insurance penetration and awareness, the fast-growing yet developing economy is improving healthcare and health protection.

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The untapped potential of Pakistan health

As health insurance grows in Pakistan, the nation is on its way to improve access to healthcare and health protection for the masses.

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Nepal - A long way to go yet

Health insurance in Nepal is still in its infancy covering around 10% of the population. Overall about 15-18% of Nepalese people have some form of insurance cover. 

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Sri Lanka: Innovation can make a difference

With a free universal healthcare system, Sri Lanka has achieved successful health indicators. It also faces an increasing burden of non-communicable diseases, which without a wide base of health insurance, becomes quite challenging. 

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Corporate insurance will look quite different in the future

Insurers will increasingly need to act as a true partner in corporate risk management, and offer more than insurance products currently deliver, says QBE’s Pat Regan.

New world for claims professionals

With claims processing being the ‘litmus test’ of all insurance products, loss adjusters face a myriad of challenges and opportunities as they oversee claims in an increasingly digitalised and globalised world.

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