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Oct 2020

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Milliman Fulfillment Ratio Index for reporting year 2019: Actual versus illustrated non-guaranteed benefits in Hong Kong

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Last year, Milliman developed a Hong Kong fulfillment ratio index to understand the gap between illustrated non-guaranteed benefits at point of sale and actual non-guaranteed benefits declared by life insurance companies in Hong Kong.


In particular, the Milliman Fulfillment Ratio Index has been developed using:

  • Disclosed fulfillment ratios published annually by Hong Kong life insurers
  • Top 10 life insurance companies in Hong Kong based on in-force premiums
  • Six material on-shelf and shelved participating products sold by these companies, including different types of participating product policy years as published by these companies
  • This bulletin sets out the Index for reporting year 2019, our key observations on key drivers of changes and the potential outlook post COVID-19.


You can download a copy of the bulletin here.


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