Feb 2014

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Special Feature

Brokers: Rooting for the underdogs

The heat is on. As insurers continue to ramp up and diversify their distribution efforts, brokers - particularly the small to medium-sized players - face an uphill task of distinguishing themselves in the ensuing competition. So, how can the underdogs gain a leg up? We speak to a few heads of broker associations for their input as a curtain raiser to the 2nd Brokers' Summit in Singapore later this month.

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IRFRC: Capturing the dynamics of China's and India's non-life insurance markets

China and India are among the fastest-growing emerging markets within the global economy with the attendant boom in their non-life insurance markets. Ms Yisi Lu and Mr Evan Leite of Risk Lighthouse, through the creative analytics of available data, identify trends and the complex dynamics present in these two major markets.

Life feature: A career in insurance remains bright

The future of the life industry and the professionals servicing their clients daily remain bright. We look at the statistics, and what more can be done to help the agency force.

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