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Dec 2017


Berkley marking 50 years extends presence in Asian specialty market

W.R. Berkley Corporation, a top-20 insurer in the US, is marking 50 years of its founding and having entered the direct insurance space in Singapore and Hong Kong last year, its combined retail and reinsurance capability across the region puts it in a stronger position to make its mark in Asia as the company embarks on the next phase of its journey. Asia Insurance Review speaks to Group CEO and President W. Robert Berkley Jr on Berkley’s move into Asia’s specialty insurance segment as well as what lies ahead.

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State-owned Russian reinsurer sets sights on Asia

The Russian National Reinsurance Company (RNRC) was established by Russia’s Central Bank in August 2016 but only started operations in January 2017. However, it has already gained CIRC’s approval to operate in China in the specialty market, and has been granted a licence in Egypt. We caught up with Vice-President of Business Development Igor Karpovich at the SIRC 2017 to learn more about the reinsurer’s hunger for new business in the region.

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Echo Re targeting more Asian business

Dr Peter F Hugger is the man at the helm of Echo Re since February 2012. Having spent a considerable part of his 30-year professional life in Asia, with some of the top names in the reinsurance business, he is now ready to chart a new course for Echo Re in Asia, where the company already has a big presence and where he believes lies the opportunity for international players like his. He speaks to Asia Insurance Review on his new plans and strategy for the region, and the future ahead for his company.

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Samsung Re: Expanding beyond group business

Samsung Re has been keeping a low profile since its inception in 2011 but of late, the reinsurer has adopted a new strategy to expand its operations beyond its group business and into newer territories across Asia. We speak to Mr Tae Y Choi, CEO, Samsung Re at the SIRC, to find out the plans and strategies ahead for the company.

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A year of change for CCR Re

As a new reinsurance player gearing up for just its second renewals, following the transfer of the private market reinsurance business from CCR to a new subsidiary, CCR Re, beginning this year, the reinsurer is optimistic about the year ahead. At the SIRC, we spoke with Mr Laurent Montador, Deputy CEO at CCR and CCR Re about their plans.

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Disciplined innovation pays dividends for Aon

Some innovations may spring from a flash of genius but to do it consistently requires a conscious effort to bring together different elements to create value. As the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) marks five years of existence in Singapore, we chat with its head, Dr Paul Mang, on Aon’s approach to innovation being an early mover in this space.

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RMIA: Australasia's risk expertise aims to sail beyond its shores

Mr Scott Ryrie, as CEO of the Sydney-based Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA), is all set to further develop the risk profession in the region and expand RMIA’s foreign membership. We sat down with him during the recent SIRC to find out more.

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