Sep 2020

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Country Profile


Regulatory insights

Japan is often viewed as one of the most mature and most sophisticated insurance markets in Asia Pacific – so how the nation’s regulator tackles big issues like capital standards is of immense importance to many. 

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Wisdom and tactics in life insurance

The year to date has not been kind to any nation in Asia Pacific – we find out how the life sector is meeting the challenges of 2020 and preparing to serve customers in future.

In a confident position

As with every country in Asia, Japan was not untouched by COVID-19, although a lot of the pandemic’s negative effects were curtailed by swift action from the government and the central bank. 

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Reinsurer sees pockets of growth opportunities

Toa Re expects a more volatile environment for businesses in the wake of COVID-19, but sees new opportunities in areas like agriculture.

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Insurance broking in a hardening market

Japan Insurance Brokers Association offers insights into the main issues faced by Japanese insurance players and forecasts upcoming changes that could affect the market.

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Innovating in a risk-averse industry

We spoke to some InsurTechs to get a clear idea of what it has been like to operate in a strictly-regulated market.

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