Media Kit 2023
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Asia Insurance Review is 32!

Asia Insurance Review is pleased to be a partner to the Asian insurance industry, having served 31 years! We look forward to 2023 being the year of returning to normalcy – where lockdowns, pandemic fear, geopolitical crises are a thing of the past, and instead the year of resilience and recovery. We have witnessed the ups and downs of the Asian insurance industry and are cautiously optimistic that the market is ready to put the past behind it and go full steam ahead!

We are grateful to all our partners and friends in the industry for their kind support in securing our pole position as the number one magazine.

No other insurance magazine in Asia can claim to have the history in the market, to have experienced first-hand the highs and lows, the victories and challenges, the birth of new companies and the end of some, the many mergers and acquisitions that have taken place. We have seen it all! The industry has, time and time again, come out stronger after every blow dealt to it and we are extremely proud to have stood by its side throughout.

We have so much more to give, especially with our extended stable of products under the Beacon group – our new reach into the international markets now extends beyond Asia Pacific, MENA and the broader African markets, into the UK, Europe and the US with a formidable tenacity unlike any other publication. Our global reach strengthens our position and puts us in the unique position of being able to serve you, our valued reader, with opportunities like never before!

Despite the challenges the world faced, we strongly believe that the insurance industry remains rock solid. Above all, the pandemic was the litmus test bringing forth innovation, resilience and pure tenacity of the industry. The way we do business may have made a phenomenal shift, but we, as a publication, have morphed accordingly. You have our assurance that we continue to stand by you into 2023 and beyond and our commitment and tenacity remain. We cannot wait to bring you new opportunities and new products in 2023.

We continue to be the sole official media partner at all major insurance industry events in Asia, including EAIC, SIRC, PIC, AAC, GIF and with our sister publication, Middle East Insurance Review, we also serve as official media for GAIF, FAIR, AIO and Sharm El Sheikh Rendezvous. Our stable of products with premium content AIR+ nd our edailies are still the most read, and most powerful in the market.

Our digital footprint has increased tremendously! DataHub was launched in 2022 – many years of work in the making during the pandemic to come up with a platform to make your business life easier with data at your fingertips. We hope you will explore all that we have to give.

In line with this, the Asia Insurance Industry Awards trophy remains THE accolade to vie for! We are back with live events and it’s something that is in our blood.

So what’s new?

Practically everything! We have launched more digital initiatives, we are upgrading our events, we have great new editorial ideas and videos that we are excited to show you. We will continue to increase our stable of products as well as engage our sister publications from around the world to keep you captivated. So do check in with us to ensure you do not miss out!


Our staple products

  • Our constantly evolving website is the most visited insurance news website in Asia, and third globally!
  • AIR provides on-the-spot video news, and extensive interactive features to make us the most-read Asian insurance news.
  • Comprehensive coverage of life and health, general insurance, reinsurance, broking and actuarial as well as monthly market profiles – and our dedicated column on risk management.
  • Saluting excellence, the most prestigious Asia Insurance Industry Awards have been a mainstay of the industry for over 26 years.
  • Our dedication to support the industry’s march towards excellence, utmost professionalism and growth continue to be our main focus.
  • In addition to our wide range of high-level conferences, including flagship events such as the India Rendezvous, C-suite conferences, and the Türkiye Rendezvous, AIR also seeks to engage market leaders and clients through webinars and roundtables on topics of importance to our readers. So watch this space! We have increased the frequency of our roundtables to fit each markets’ needs as well. Talk to us if you have ideas for us to help you further!
  • DataHub: Do get it quickly to start the year with information like no other. Ask for a demo. For more details, contact


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