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All rates are nett (excluding GST)

Premium Positions (full colour) SGD
Outside Back Cover 9,000
Inside Front Cover 6,350
Inside Back Cover 5,900
Facing Inside Front Cover 5,900
Facing Editor’s Message Page 5,560
Facing Contents Page 5,560
Facing People on the Move Page 5,260
Facing Inside Back Cover 5,260
Facing News Page 5,070
Double Page Spread 9,000
Gatefold 14,300
Advertorial* (4 pages) 10,850
Advertorial* (8 pages) 20,500
Bellyband (inclusive of printing costs) 9,070
Run-of-Page Positions SGD
Full Page Colour (ROP) 4,500
Full Page Black & White 3,480
Half Page Colour 3,480
Half Page Black & White 2,540

* Inclusive of 200 free copies of reprints

Print Advertising Specifications Artwork Sizes
Full Page Trim 297mm (H) X 210mm (W)
Full Page Bleed 307mm (H) X 220mm (W)
Half Page Horizontal 125mm (H) X 178mm (W)
Half Page Vertical 251mm (H) X 86mm (W)
Double Page Spread Trim 297mm (H) X 420mm (W)
Double Page Spread Bleed 307mm (H) X 430mm (W)
Gatefold 297mm (H) X 207mm+200mm (W)
Bellyband 90mm(H) X 45+210(front)+ 5+205mm(back) (W)


6 Bookings 10.0% off
9 Bookings 12.5% off
12 Bookings 15.0% off


Booking: 10th of the month preceding the publication issue.
Artwork: 15th of the month preceding the publication issue.